Frequently Asked Questions

1) YouTube is blocked from our school, how can we watch?

You can use My VR Spot or SchoolTube. Many organizations and schools block YouTube from their servers. Just click the little “Select Player” button on the top-left of the screen and select either My VR Spot or SchoolTube, Then all your videos will be played on the player you select.

2) Can I bookmark my preferred media player?

If your web browser accepts cookies (most do) this website will automatically remember your favorite player. However, some school networks don’t allow browser cookies, that’s why, thanks to a teacher’s suggestion, we’ve implemented url parameters. You can bookmark your preferred media player directly in the book’s URL.  Just add “#youtube” or “#schooltube” after any book URL. For example:


Or you can bookmark it for the entire site using:


3) What about Book Leveling?

There are many websites that allow you to search books by title to see their levels, and we recommend those sites for that purpose. There are several different ways to level books, and we know they can be useful to some people. But rather than try to include all of them we’ve decided to keep Storyline Online clean, with a minimum of extraneous information, so that it will be easy to use for everyone.

4) Can I use these videos on my website, app, etc?

NO. It is illegal to use the content of Storyline Online on any other website, service, program, app or in any other media or context besides, the Storyline Online channels on YouTube, SchoolTube, and My VR Spot, or any other use by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.  Please feel free, however, to add a link to on your website.

5) When are more books coming???

We are just as eager as you to produce as many new books as quickly as possible to grow the Storyline Online library. Getting a Storyline Online book video produced can be complicated. It involves negotiating rights and releases with publishers, authors, and the actors who read the books. It involves scheduling with very busy people. If everything aligns and runs smoothly, it can still take 2 months to produce and release a new book video… and it is seldom that there are no setbacks, so it usually takes much longer than this. We currently release an average of 3 to 4 new video books per year, and we’re always trying to increase that number.

6) Can I suggest a book?

Absolutely! We keep track of book suggestions and try to produce book videos of the most popular suggestions if possible. But keep in mind that we get LOTS of suggestions, and the process for getting permissions and rights to produce a book is complicated and at times difficult. So we can’t promise anything, but we love to hear what your favorite books are.

7) How do I turn on Closed Captioning?

When you click “play” on any YouTube video, you’ll see a “CC” button appear on the bottom right part of the video. Just click on that to turn on or off captions. Unfortunately My VR Spot and SchoolTube don’t yet have the option for captions, but they may in the future.

8) The videos aren’t playing!

The page loads, but there’s just a black box in the middle of the screen.

Please try these steps:

1) try emptying your browser’s cache and re-loading the site. On most systems this can be done by holding down the Shift key as you re-load the page. On some browsers, you may need to select “empty cache” from one of the menus. More detailed instructions.

2) try selecting My VR Spot or SchoolTube from the “Select Player” button in the upper left hand corner of the site. Even if the YouTube videos used to play on the old site, the new site may not play them if your school or organization blocks YouTube.

3) go to YouTube or SchoolTube and double check that the videos play for you there. SchoolTube | YouTube

4) still not working? Email us below. Please include your browser with version number, your operating system with version number and your internet connection type or speed.

9) Why can’t I hear the videos?

This is an issue with YouTube, they are working to solve it. You need to manually adjust the volume on the YouTube player. Look for the control in the same area as the player button.

Here’s more info about it on the YouTube site –!topic/youtube/ETfCgHO4MhU[1-25-true]

10) What about books in other languages?

We’re eager to include bilingual books too! We expect to include a Spanish/English book soon, and will add more as resources allow.  So… aun hay mas! 

11) What happened to The Polar Express?

Unfortunately, the publisher took back the rights for THE POLAR EXPRESS; some publishers won’t give them to us forever…. However, we are working on some other great holiday story options.

12) Quicktime Error When Using Internet Explorer

Our site does not require or use Quicktime. So you should be able to ignore any Quicktime error notices and use as normal.

However, in older versions of Internet Explorer, PNG image files (like our book images) sometimes default to requiring Quicktime to view them (check out this post). Here is one possible solution:

  1. In Quicktime, open and edit both QuickTime and Players preferences (edit, preferences) and disable everything you possibly can.
  2. Right click on a PNG file, Open With –> Choose Default Program –> Internet Explorer.
  3. Close IE, then load a PNG from the web via Internet Explorer.  It’s there?  Good.  Close IE.
  4. Right click on a PNG file, Open With –> Choose Default Program –> Windows Photo Gallery.

Check out this post for more information.

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